Following is a list of resources that can help the inventor-entrepreneur work on core competencies. Some of the resources will also provide tools for transitioning responsibilities and roles to other or new team members.

Resource Type Core competencies

We help each visionary CEO and leadership team build the innovative and high-performing social purpose organization by instilling proven leadership development and human capital management practices that make it easier to accelerate change, growth and achievement of outstanding mission results
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Acumen makes Acumen’s work in leadership and the insights from our work in the field available to everyone through online courses and in-person networks.
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ANDE is a global membership network of organizations that propel entrepreneurship in emerging markets. ANDE members provide financial, educational, and business support services to small and growing businesses (SGBs) based on the conviction that SGBs will create jobs, stimulate long-term economic growth, and produce environmental and social benefits.
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edge’s innovation is about improving other small and medium businesses results. Using experience from 4 continents and quickly adapting to each business reality, edge tackles teams’ performances challenges.
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Gene Pool Engineering

Khosla Venture: Offers a model for hiring best practices, particularly first hires.
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Global Social Benefit Institute

A capacity development program that serves social entrepreneurs around the world who are developing innovative solutions that provide a sustainable path out of poverty. We are helping social entrepreneurs fulfill their promise of solving big social problems through structured curriculum layered with in-depth mentorship by almost 90 Silicon Valley executives. The result: you will have a stronger business, and be ready to receive investment and scale your solutions for global impact.
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Grow Coaching Model

The GROW coaching model is a tried and tested coaching model to structure coaching sessions. The power of the GROW coaching model is that it leads to a clearly defined end result through four phases. The coachee is personally active in identifying problems and generating ideas for solutions. The means that anything that comes out of the coaching session has a lot of chance to stick.
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How Great Leaders Inspire Action

Simon Sinek: Explores how leaders can inspire cooperation, trust and change. He's the author of the classic "Start With Why”.
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Ted Talk Video 6, 7, 8, 10
How to Pitch to an Investor?

David S. Rose's rapid-fire TED U talk on pitching to a venture capitalist tells you the 10 things you need to know about yourself — and prove to a VC — before you fire up your slideshow.
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Human Capital Hub

With more than 19,700 professionals from more than 170 countries in our volunteer reserve corps, we are able to tap into a variety of skills and expertise, from banking and finance, to technology, marketing and human resources, to meet a wide range of strategic and operational needs.
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Jhana´s mission is simple: help people be more successful at work. We believe that when manager do better, so do the companies they work for and the teams they work with.
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Letters to a Young Entrepreneur

Ricardo Levy: Personal stories on growth as a leader and entrepreneur.
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Message Map: How to Pitch Anything in 15 seconds

Carmine Gallo: Tells you how to pitch anything in 15 seconds using a Message Map
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The NESsT Practitioner Series is designed to foster excellence in social enterprise practice by providing social enterprise managers the necessary tools they need to plan for, start up and better manage social enterprises, and to learn from the models and lessons of their peers.
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Society for Effectual Action

Whether you come to this site as an entrepreneurial newbie or a seasoned creator of new ventures, here you’ll discover that there is a science to entrepreneurship — a common logic we have observed in expert entrepreneurs across industries, geographies, and time. We call it effectuation. Effectuation promises a method that you can follow as you tackle problems while you grow your business.
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The 30 Minute Business Plan: Business Model Plan Made Easy

Alexander Crowan: Walks you through each of the nine key elements of the business model canvas. A way to assess your business in a focused, flexible and transparent way.
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The Alliance

Reid Hoffman: Focused on hiring talent and building the right relationships
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Book & Slide Show 6, 7, 10
The Field Guide to Human Centered Design A step by step guide that has everything you need to understand the people you're designing for, to have more effective brainstorms, to prototype your ideas, and to ultimately arrive at more creative solutions.
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The Power of Peer Support

VillageCapital & VentureWell- An extensive library of resources – including tools on finding co-founders and a human resource section.
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The World Factbook

The Factbook provides information on the history, people, government, economy, energy, geography, communications, transportation, military, and transnational issues for 267 world entities.
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World Economic Forum Academy

World Economic Forum Academy helps business leaders develop contextual intelligence - the ability to make sense of a fast-changing world.
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